Vision Building School

What is Vision Building School ?

Most people are aware of VBS, however, some would wonder what is

TRANSFORMERS 3 Day VBS. Transformer’s is stepping forward with a task of

putting God’s word to the younger generation in a unique way where everyone can

partake. Transformers is a group of people who work for the complete wellbeing

of the children and teenagers. The plan of Transformers vision building school

(VBS) is to try and bring the young generation, to the right path and to bring

a positive change in their lives (Proverbs 29:18). Transformers is committed to

work together in evangelization and to bring the younger generation to God’s

kingdom. Here, it’s ‘we’ and not ‘I’ who work. Let us unite to save our youth from

abuse, addictions, temptations and bad influences and raise a generation with

good values.“Man forgetting God”; is an appropriate title for the nature of man today.

Every morning, people wake up with a deceiving and quarreling mentally,

leaders fooling the people by giving fake promises, people who make others

fight, hides the truth with lies like a magician’s hand. There are more descriptions.

Indecorous society will never give anything other than this. Are we not losing

our moral values without knowledge? Have you ever thought, if this is the

situation today, what will be conditions of the future generation?

How many of us have ever thought, that the one and only great God,

who created us wonderfully, the one who loves us and taught us to love, sees

everything. When we begin to accept this fact and start obeying, transformation

will start within us. We will become people with values and will be able to

transmit it to others as well. Transformers 3 day VBS will be with you for the

same. For this, we have selected the theme “ so wonderful” to convey kids

who God is. We are going to have a very distinctive approach. Yes, God is so

wonderful. Let’s understand His works together. May God bless us.

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We are entering an exciting

realm, where knowledge is being

shared. Let us join hands for

making this VBS a success.

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